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The year was 1992, and it was the peak of custom car audio and car audio shows, mainly SPL (Sound Pressure Level) competitions. The group POWER SUPPLY earned its reputation at these events with their parking lot anthem, "Bass-Boom-Bottom". When fans asked for more, the group never missed a beat and rocked sub woofers once again with "Track 6. Woofer Excursion Test". This lead to a string of other hits with car audio enthusiasts in mind. Power Supply's brainchild, D. Rahming, best known as the front man for the group, Afro-Rican, and song writer for the multi-platinum LP "Dutchess" by Fergie, is back in the lab with a few talented friends, mixing up a new Bass Formula for the new Bass Generation, while at the same time remaining loyal to old school POWER SUPPLY fans. "Not an easy task", says Rahming, "but well worth it, knowing we're giving our fans something they’ll appreciate and enjoy".

New member to the group, Vibe Ichi, is a talented producer/emcee in his own right. He exhibits a raw, lyrical flow more in tune to underground, battle-hardened hip hop, where his roots are. His grimy tone and intricate wordplay brings an edge to Bass music that has not been heard in the genre thus far. His production skills are equally hot, supplying some of the sonic treats from Power Supply’s new album and singles.

Together, Rahming and Vibe create some of the most innovative sounds the Bass game has yet to offer. The duo seamlessly blend sounds from across genres with Power Supply’s signature heavy, booming beats, to open new landscapes for Bass and Hip Hop lovers, audiophiles and music fans everywhere. Watch for the new album, “Eclectic Quad”, coming this summer, and prepare for the sonic ecstasy of a new dimension in Bass.

New fans, we welcome you, and those of you that have been with us throughout the years, be ready to experience the new POWER.

POWER SUPPLY. Beyond limitation. Beyond definition. Beyond expectation.

WARNING: We will not be responsible...

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